Alan Haft 

He always sees to it that he provides greatly informative presentations that are consistently easy to understand. 

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when employee retirement was solely in the hands of government and employers. Recognizing the capacity of employees to make decisions on their retirement entirely on their own, Kelly Haft Financial provides the dependable solution that Social Security just can’t seem to deliver. Employees now have the genuine option to make choices concerning their nest egg, with the solid backing of robust financial programs that only a company like Kelly Haft Financial can customize. Kelly Haft Financial is manned by expert financial and asset management professionals who work on reliable investment programs for the sake of every client. The asset and wealth management professionals at Kelly Haft take the time to structure a personalized system that will ensure sustainability and profit for the client’s hard-earned investment money and resources. Talk to a Kelly Haft Financial representative now and you can discover more exceptional means of getting your investments and assets to work for you way ahead of inflation while being truly protected. This is while employing legal minimization of taxes and ensuring your family’s security long after you have left employment.


Kelly Haft Financial was established as collaboration between Brian Kelly and Alan Haft. Its core group of clients includes people who seek predictability of income along with general financial security. The company maintains a greater focus on loss mitigation while maximizing portfolio value. Advanced technology for client modeling is employed to ensure personalized programs that can deliver sustained and continuous profit in the future to uphold the interest of every client. At Kelly Haft, it’s all about simplicity over complexity.


As co-partner of the company, Alan Haft has been able to deliver reliable solutions to various financial issues that have constantly plagued rank-and-file employees for years. Haft is a prolific writer who has come out with an impressive number of newspaper columns and books on financial topics, aside from being a sought-after speaker in the industry all over the country. He has granted interviews with some of the nation’s largest media outlets