Having conducted hundreds of financial planning seminars and workshops, Alan Haft has been able to share his vast knowledge of various financial topics. He has been a valuable resource speaker at well-attended presentations that have been known to be entertaining and highly informative. Alan makes sure that his presentations are very easy to understand, emphasizing that financial and asset management need not be too complex for any professional in the industry. Alan Haft has been a dependable subject matter expert and acknowledged thought leader who believes in the value of hard work and determination to achieve success in one’s chosen career. He does not shy away from a genuine opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise with others. His various audiences include small local investment clubs, universities and large conventions in exclusive venues such as Donald Trump’s Mara Largo Resort.


Highly trusted as a financial and wealth management professional, Alan Hart educates his clients at Kelly Haft Financial on the risks and rewards concerning their investments. He wastes no time and resources to ensure that his clients’ investments are optimized for their behalf. He applies reliable client modeling to ensure that the investments are protected and remain sustainably productive for the long term. He takes the time to interact with his clients regularly to assure them that their investments are working for them. Alan haft has been a valued resource speaker at the Junior League of Los Angeles and Orange County on financial advice.


In his early 20’s, Alan Haft went into a partnership with Oscar-nominated actor James Woods, with whom he put up Breakheart Films. The film production company had its headquarters right on the back lot of Universal Studios. Breakheart Films has produced different film and TV projects together with Oliver Stone and other individuals. The works include Citizen Cohn, which bagged the cable Ace Award for Best Picture and got nominated for an Emmy Award in the same category.


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